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Efi Haninkes Fe2 crystals phuket

Fe2 Crystal Gallery

Fine and Rare Crystals for a new Decor

From New York to Paris to Vientiane, to Bangkok, and now Phuket, Efi Haninkes has made his way through the fashion industry, the UN, and the home textiles world, and is now bringing a singular unique contribution with this stylish collection of rare crystals from around the world. 

Fascinated by crystals from an early age, Efi decided to open Fe2 Gallery in Phuket.

While labelled as a crystal gallery, it is more akin to an artistic museum, chock-full of unique and rare crystals and minerals from around the world, and unique contemporary designer jewelry. All the pieces are beautifully mounted on custom designed iron stands and recycled wooden bases, to present the crystals as beautiful works of art for a unique interior design.

All the products bear Efi's aesthetic and tastes distinctly,

and are best described in his own words:

"Uniqueness, another dimension, giving a bohemian feeling to any space"

Malachite Fe2 crystals
septarian nodules utah
quartz crystal brazil
fluorite crystal china
Fe2 gallery and shop phuket
petrified wood arizona | red quartz morocco
Fe2 phuket news 2016
Fe2 cover phuket news 2016
Efi Haninkes in RL phuket magazine
Efi Haninkes photo
Fe2 Efi Haninkes in Phuket gazette 2015
Fe2 Conde Naste Traveller Moscow
Fe2 mention in Conde Naste Traveller Moscow
Fe2 mention in Tatler Moscow
powerofcrystals article by Efi RL Phuket magazine
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